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Our amazing Perfect Tense integration is just days away…

Our internal tests of the brand-new Perfect Tense integration right inside your Spin Rewriter control panel are incredibly promising — which leads me to believe we’re just days away from enabling the Perfect Tense integration for all our users on our production servers.

We’ll definitely roll out full support for Perfect Tense before the end of February, along with some demo videos that will truly demonstrate its full power, and what the combination of Spin Rewriter and Perfect Tense will do for your content creation needs. It’s going to be truly mind-boggling! 😀

Stay tuned! #exciting


New icons for a sleeker user interface

We’ve just rolled out a design update of some of the most commonly used Spin Rewriter user interface elements.

This also means that some elements just received brand-new, shiny icons to make your experience even more intuitive and satisfying. In addition to that, based on multiple internal split-tests we’ve also streamlined some workflows to work even better for our customers.

We think you’re gonna love these updates! 😀


Handling of the “Title Case”

As a content creator, you might’ve already heard of “Title Case” — so, what is it?

It’s also known as “headline style” or “capital case” and it’s mostly used in, well, titles. I’m talking about the capitalization of almost every individual word in titles, with some minor exceptions, described here:

So, what does this have to do with Spin Rewriter? Actually, quite a bit.

Let me give you an example. Let’s look at an article with the following hypothetical title:

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Now, if you use an automated article spinner, the software might replace the word “Guitar” with “Electric guitar”. Because the original word started with an uppercase letter, the suggest synonym does as well: “Electric guitar”.

But once you actually use the suggested synonym, you get this:

Electric guitar Lessons for Beginners

This is pretty good, but it’s not quite perfect. Obviously the word “guitar” should also start with an uppercase letter, giving us:

Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Well, with the latest update to Spin Rewriter, our core algorithm now recognizes the context of Title Case in virtually every case, and makes sure the capitalization of suggested synonyms makes perfect sense.

I’m sure you’re going to love this new feature. 😀


Parentheses: Tricky stuff!

Just last week we were tipped off about a minor issue that some of our users were seeing when working with numeric strings such as phone numbers inside Spin Rewriter…

With just the right mix of parentheses and numbers, Spin Rewriter sometimes tripped a bit over its own cleverness and jumbled some of the resulting spun text. Here’s an example that used to give it a bit of a headache:

This sample (462718) 555-1212 phone number can
also be written as (462) 718 5551212.

This particular combination of ( and ) in combination with numbers (462…) and dashes (555-1212) lead to a slighly unexpected result – but no more. 😀 We’ve just fixed this minor glitch, and made Spin Rewriter even more powerful. Enjoy! 😀


Even better handling of plural forms

Spin Rewriter has always been famous for not simply treating words as groups of letters, but for being able to actually extract the precise meaning of each individual word and treat each word exactly like a human writer would. This includes correct handling of plural forms of certain nouns that don’t behave quite like most other nouns out there.

We’ve just rolled out an update that makes Spin Rewriter even better when it comes to pluralizing some words — and knowing which ones NOT to pluralize at all. Here’s just some examples of what we mean:


None of these words should ever get pluralized — and especially not by simply slapping an “s” or “es” to the end of them. It takes nuance to get these things right — and that’s exactly what Spin Rewriter is famous for. 😀


Updated exports and dowloads

We’ve just rolled out yet another quality-of-life improvement when it comes to using Spin Rewriter.

If you’re looking to download multiple articles from your Archive of spun articles inside Spin Rewriter, you no longer need to download each individual article separately. With this most recent update, you can now simply select multiple articles inside your Archive and click the “Download Articles …” button that appears automatically — and all of your selected spun articles will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

Go ahead & give it a try, it’s pretty cool! 😀


Setting category for multiple articles…

We’ve just rolled out another feature that makes Spin Rewriter just that tiny little bit more powerful, and tiny little bit more delightful to use — and as we all know, over time these little quality-of-life improvements add up to a genuinely amazing product.

Inside your Archive of spun articles, you’re no longer limited to clicking each individual article in order to set its category. Setting the category of individual articles is fine if you always set the category of an article as soon as you’re done spinning it — but sometimes we can all be a bit lazy, and then we’re suddenly left with 20 uncategorized freshly spun articles, 16 of which we might want to assign to the same category.

With this most recent update, you no longer have to click 16 different articles in your Archive and select the exact same category 16 times in a row. You can now simply select all 16 articles and then use the “Change Category of Articles…” button that shows up automatically — this way you’ll be able to assign a category to all 16 articles in a single move.

I hope you like this update. 😉


A visual update to our Quick Buttons…

Most users of Spin Rewriter are already familiar with our Quick Buttons… which are the 3 almost-magic buttons that make the spinning process so much easier and so much faster.

While they’re absolutely great once you start using them, we discovered that a significant number of our users never got around to discovering them and putting them to good use… and we can’t really blame them:

Quick Buttons - before

These are the buttons we mean. The “T”, “A” and “R” buttons next to the input field for new synonyms. They’re used to instantly and automatically select “Top” synonyms of the current word… or to select “All” synonyms of the current word… or to “Replace All” occurrences of the current word in the entire article with the synonyms we’ve just selected.

So yeah — while they’re powerful, they’re not what you would call prominent. And we simply had to change that. Voilá:

Quick Buttons - after

I’m just going to say it — this is much better now! Not only are the buttons more prominent… and not only they actually tell you what they do, in full words. There’s also a little blue question mark that you can click, and that tells you (in detail!) exactly what clicking each of the powerful Quick Buttons does.

There’s even an example to make things clearer — so let me paste it right here:

When selecting the word »book« in your text, you’ll see a list of available synonyms. Clicking Top will automatically select the best synonyms, for example »novel« and »magazine«. Clicking Replace All will then automatically add these 2 top synonyms to every single occurrence of the word »book« in your entire article. It will also capitalize or pluralize those synonyms as required (e.g. it will use »Novels« as a synonym of »Books« instead of »novel«).

I hope you guys will love this update! 😀 And we’re actually already working on three other similar updates to the user interface, where we can significantly improve the user experience by slightly tweaking the location and the wording of different buttons and inputs. Stay tuned! 😀


Just 12 short days until Spin Rewriter 8.0

I know! This is INSANE!

Spin Rewriter 8.0 is now just around the corner… coming out on October 18th!

And — of course, goes without saying! — all of our current customers will be getting a FREE upgrade to the brand new 8.0 version on October 18th, the moment it becomes available.

We can’t wait to show you all the improvements! 😀


Say “Hello!” to Braintree’s payment processing

As I’ve already mentioned back in May, one of the things that a part of our team was working on over these past couple of months was the following:

We wanted to replace the old and clunky payment processing setup that we’ve been using on since 2011, and integrate something much more modern, flexible and user-friendly.

What am I referring to? Well, for the past 6 years, the only way of getting access to Spin Rewriter was going through PayPal. So, when you wanted to sign up for Spin Rewriter access and you clicked that button, you were first automatically redirected away from our website — to PayPal’s website. Then you needed to log into your PayPal account, click “Confirm” a bunch of times on the following pages, and then (hopefully) find a teeny tiny “Return to merchant” grey button just to find your way back to us. It was kinda… meh.

And then, if you decided to purchase one of our cool power-ups, like the WordPress Plugin and the WP license that comes with it, you had to do the whole dance again. Our website -> PayPal -> login -> click click -> hopefully find your way back -> done. Again, kinda… meh. 😀

So we’re all super excited to announce that we’ve now rolled out a brand new Braintree integration across the entire Spin Rewriter website. Here’s just some of the benefits:

  • You can sign up for Spin Rewriter using your PayPal without ever having to leave our website. It all happens inside a user-friendly pop-up thingy.
  • You can now also sign up for Spin Rewriter using your credit card, also without having to leave our website! You just type in the card details, and you’re good to go. This wasn’t (at all) possible until today.
  • If you decide to purchase one of our cool power-ups, it’s as easy as clicking a button. You don’t need to repeat the entire dance, you just get what you wanted to get. It’s pretty cool.
  • It all looks about a thousand times more modern and worthy of the year 2017. 😀

Oh, and — as an added benefit — we should be able to support additional payment methods in the future much more easily. So, if our customer support desk starts getting bombarded with requests for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, or Bitcoin support — we should be able to roll that out rather quickly, too! 😀

Go check it out — we’re really happy about this!

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