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We’ve rolled out an improved DB structure

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous Redis-related post, we’re improving the data-related structure of our back-end algorithms in order to deliver even more efficient, faster ENL Semantic Spinning to our awesome Spin Rewriter users.

This time around we’ve rolled out an update to the structure of our regular SQL databases. This update has significantly reduced the size of some of the database tables (in some cases, the improvement has been as high as 64-65% which is astonishing) which resulted in much faster database queries…

…which once again translates into a faster & better user experience, and a more robust platform!


We’re moving some of our processing to Redis

Once again we’ve improved our core infrastructure a bit which resulted in an even faster user experience for our awesome Spin Rewriter users, plus our back-end systems are now even more robust as an added benefit.

We’ve upgraded some of the more CPU-intensive algorithms so that they no longer rely on regular SQL databases. They’re now able to take advantage of the full power of Redis. So, what’s that? Here’s what their official website says about Redis:

Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs and geospatial indexes with radius queries. Redis has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU eviction, transactions and different levels of on-disk persistence, and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster.

I realize this sounds like a bunch of gibberish, but here’s what it really means.

Basically, Redis takes certain types of data operations and performs them in a much, much more effective way than your regular SQL database. This results in a significant speed-up of CPU-intensive algorithms such as Spin Rewriter’s incredibly advanced ENL Semantic Spinning technology.

Hope you’re loving the even faster, improved Spin Rewriter! 😉


Improved parallelization of CPU-intensive tasks, Part II

OK, we’re back!

As I mentioned in the previous post (published on February 9th), here at Spin Rewriter we always strive to further improve our server infrastructure and fine-tune our code. We’re looking to deliver faster and better software that’s more intuitive and more robust than ever before.

We’ve now taken advantage of some new opportunities to parallelize certain aspects of Spin Rewriter’s existing spinning process. This means that we’re now able to run certain parts of the spinning process on multiple processors (CPUs) on different servers at the same time instead of running it on just one server.

Here’s a simplified explanation of the benefits this brings. Imagine you have an article with 20 sentences. We can either have our software detect the parts-of-speech on each of those sentences in a row, and if it takes our software one second to analyze every sentence, we’re looking at 20 x 1 second = 20 seconds of waiting time for the user.

We can, however, break this article down into 20 separate sentences — and send each of these sentences to a different server in our grid at the same time. Each of those 20 servers then processes just one sentence, and only 1 second later we get the processed results back to the central system.

The result: The same article is now fully processed in just 1 second instead of 20.

And the result that matters much more than that: Our users are even happier! 😀

Of course the exact real-world situation isn’t as cut and dry, but we were still able to roll out a significant improvement in speed and robustness of our spinning systems — and we hope you’ll love it!


Improved parallelization of CPU-intensive tasks

OK, the title of this post might sound a bit “high and mighty”, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand once we break it down a bit.

As you probably already know, our server infrastructure is quite state-of-the-art which allows Spin Rewriter to have great uptime and to always process all of your articles, find the best synonyms, manipulate sentence structures, export thousands of text files etc. etc. in a matter of seconds.

We always strive to further improve our infrastructure and our back-end software code. Faster, better, more intuitive, more robust — this is what drives us.

We’ve recently dug extra deeply into our software and found some new opportunities to parallelize some aspects of the spinning process. In other words, we’re now able to run a certain aspect of the spinning process on multiple processors (CPUs) on different servers at the same time instead of running it on just one server.

We’ll bring you more details in our next post, however right now we can already give you a hint that GREAT things are underway. Stay tuned! 😉



Smooth sailin’


It’s always quite stressful whenever we’re tweaking any particular bit of our server network… Let alone completely revamping our infrastructure, upgrading every server in the process, and rolling out HTTPS (SSL) at the same time!

But now, after 2 full weeks, I can confidently say that our server infrastructure upgrade has been a resounding success all-around!

It’s been smooth sailing for 14 straight days now, without even a hint of issues or down-time, and our users are reporting an even better user experience than before. And that’s always a huge success in our book!



Biggest server upgrade ever is looking GOOD!

As mentioned in my post from August 5th (and my other post from August 7th) we’ve just rolled out the biggest server infrastructure upgrade EVER in the entire history of Spin Rewriter.

We started moving all data over to the new infrastructure at 11:42 AM EDT today. The first instance of downtime occurred at 11:48 EDT and lasted 6 minutes. The second (and last) instance of downtime occurred at 1:22 PM EDT and lasted 14 minutes.

When all our websites became available once again at 1:36 PM EDT, the spinning functionality of Spin Rewriter took an additional 26 minutes to fully reboot.

Since 2:02 PM EDT all of our systems have been up & running, and running better than ever before! 😀

As an added bonus, we also switched the entire Spin Rewriter website over to the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate today, for added security and reliability.

This means you can update your bookmarks to 😀

Bottom line, I hope you’re going to LOVE this new, snappier, even more robust Spin Rewriter! 😉

< Part 1We’re working on the biggest server upgrade EVER
< Part 2Our biggest server upgrade ever just became even BIGGER


Our biggest server upgrade ever just became even BIGGER

I already told you a little bit about our upcoming humongous server upgrade two days ago, on Wednesday… and I’m super happy to say that the upgrade is coming along very nicely, indeed!

We’ve settled on the final configuration of our new servers and we’ve already rolled out a parallel grid of brand-new servers with an identical copy of Spin Rewriter so we can work on the copy without disturbing anyone on the actual “live” website. Right now we’re in the testing stage and I believe we’ve already squashed most of the bugs that felt like making an appearance after the huge server migration.

In other words, we’re progressing quite nicely! So nicely, in fact, that we’ve decided to go a step further than planned while still sticking to our original timeframe. With the finalized server upgrade next week we’re now also planning to roll out SSL support, in other words that green “https” version of the Spin Rewriter website for extra security and reliability.

We’re very excited about this (as you can probably tell), and will keep you posted! 😉

> Part 3Biggest server upgrade ever is looking GOOD!


We’ve got brand new servers (again!)

You might have noticed a tiny little bit of downtime late at night on Wednesday… well, it was technically very very early Thursday morning, I guess. 🙂

We have once again upgraded our server grid to an even more powerful configuration because of all the love you guys are showing us… We wanted to do it as painlessly for you as possible which is why we started the upgrade process around 1:15 AM New York time — hopefully you weren’t still working that late at night!

Anyway, Spin Rewriter is now running on even more powerful & even more optimized hardware, and our entire team is hoping you will love Spin Rewriter’s improved speed and responsiveness even more. 😀

Thank you for being such enthusiastic users of Spin Rewriter!


Spin Rewriter’s servers just got even faster!

As you guys know, Spin Rewriter’s popularity has been absolutely exploding ever since we released version 1.0 all the way back in September 2011.

2013 and — especially! — 2014 have been simply amazing and we’ve been signing up new users at an incredible rate. However, as the saying goes: with a great number of users comes great responsibility. 😀

Between our users using the website interface and our API to spin their articles, we’re now processing literally thousands of articles every single hour. In order to keep our servers responsive and snappy, our tech team’s been working like crazy the last couple of weeks, fine-tuning all of our server-side code and deploying extra servers.

I’m incredibly excited to say that we were able to reduce the average server load by more than 30%, and Spin Rewriter’s user interface is now more responsive than ever!

We hope you like this behind-the-scenes update as much as we do! And thank you for being our members! 😀


We OPTIMIZED our servers in a big way

Spin Rewriter has been incredibly popular among Internet Marketers as of late — even more so than it usually is!

This means we’ve been signing on new users like crazy, and our existing grid of powerful servers started to take a significant hit with all the spinning requests coming in all of the time… At the moment our servers need to process more than one spinning request per second, or over 85,000 spinning requests every single day.

That’s 85,000 new articles every day… that need to be processed on a word and phrase basis, to determine the exact meaning of every word and phrase among a multitude of different options… and then all those meanings need to have synonyms assigned based on the context of the article… and this is maybe 20% of what’s actually going on in the background before we can reliably deliver top-quality spun articles to our users.

As you can imagine, even a grid of powerful servers will start to lose the battle when faced with such a huge workload… unless these servers and the software they are running is optimized to the fullest!

Our entire tech team has been working crazy hard for more than 2 weeks now, fine-tuning all of our servers and all of our back-end code… and it makes me extremely happy to say we were able to bring down our average server load a whopping 46% percent while we reduced the average size of Spin Rewriter’s database a further 27%.

Our servers are now happily serving all the incoming spinning requests without as much as breaking a sweat. Hooray! 😀

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