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Rewriting on phrase level improved

We just improved the phrase-level rewriting algorithms. Quite drastically, in fact! 😉

Spin Rewriter is now even more accurate when it comes to guessing whether a freshly-built phrase represents a noun, a verb, an adjective, etc. Sure it’s easy enough to say that “muscle” is a noun, but when it comes to processing “abdominal muscle”, it takes some artificial intelligence to figure out that the whole phrase should still be treated as a noun, even though it comes with an adjective as well.

We also introduced big changes to the One-Click Rewrite algorithms when it comes to dealing with phrases. Before this update, Spin Rewriter mostly focused on single words when performing the One-Click Rewrite operation – now it treats multi-word phrases equally well and isn’t afraid to use them when it’s confident enough about their actual meaning.

We really think you’re gonna love this update in action – check it out now! 😀



Learning process further improved, and some other goodies

Some of our users have recently contacted us and told us they felt like the synonyms weren’t always sorted from the most suitable ones to the least suitable ones, and that when using One Click Rewrite, some words were replaced with too many synonyms (20+) and some words weren’t replaced with any synonyms (even though good ones existed).

We’re in fact still in the middle of our super-thorough weekly check of the learning process and while they are some other tweaks to be done, we have already improved 2 important aspects of the learning process. It now puts much more weight on fact whether or not our users actually took their time to check out various synonyms and select / deselect the ones they found good or not good enough.

We’ve also introduced 2 user interface updates:

  • In the first step you can now disable the paragraph & sentence level spinning. When you selected a piece of text, the paragraph & sentence level spinning interface box always used to pop up, so you couldn’t really select a piece of text and copy it some place else. Now you can temporarily disable the spinning interface box, which means you can select pieces of your text without interruptions.
  • You can now add (type in) completely new synonyms in the Fast Mode and still keep on using the keyboard navigation to quickly jump to the next / previous word.

Paragraph and sentence level spinning

We’ve received quite a large number of questions about whether Spin Rewriter is going to support paragraph and sentence level spinning as well. The reason for these questions is most likely the fact that paragraph and sentence level spinning is absent from the current Beta version of Spin Rewriter, primarily due to our 100% focus on the amazing context-aware word level and phrase level spinning that really sets Spin Rewriter apart from its competition.

However, to answer the questions: YES, of course Spin Rewriter will also support paragraph and sentence level spinning when it goes live.

This way everyone gets whatever they could possibly want. We’re really working super hard on this one and I guarantee you that it will exceed your expectations. 😀

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