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Sentence level spinning now available

Things are getting super exciting before Wednesday’s BIG Spin Rewriter LAUNCH! 😀

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we’ve been receiving a ton of feedback about the missing ability to do spinning on the sentence and paragraph level. I already addressed this “issue “back then – the thing is that we wanted our Beta Testers (we love you, guys!) to focus 100% on the amazing ground-breaking single word and phrase spinning abilities of Spin Rewriter. This is where Spin Rewriter really blows everything else out of the water and we wanted to improve this aspect as much as humanly possible.

Well, since there’s only a couple of days left till the launch, we just added the sentence and paragraph level spinning to Spin Rewriter. It’s super straightforward – in the first step, after you place your article in the correct text field, you can spin it by highlighting various sentences and paragraphs. Once you’re done, you move on to single word and phrase level spinning.

Enjoy! 😉


Paragraph and sentence level spinning

We’ve received quite a large number of questions about whether Spin Rewriter is going to support paragraph and sentence level spinning as well. The reason for these questions is most likely the fact that paragraph and sentence level spinning is absent from the current Beta version of Spin Rewriter, primarily due to our 100% focus on the amazing context-aware word level and phrase level spinning that really sets Spin Rewriter apart from its competition.

However, to answer the questions: YES, of course Spin Rewriter will also support paragraph and sentence level spinning when it goes live.

This way everyone gets whatever they could possibly want. We’re really working super hard on this one and I guarantee you that it will exceed your expectations. 😀

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