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Our affiliates are going to like THIS:

I mentioned something very exciting in my previous post: Spin Rewriter 6.0 is coming out on October 14th!

And not only is this an amazingly cool thing for our users — all of our existing users will be getting the upgrade to the 6.0 version completely free of charge!

It’s also an amazingly cool thing for our affiliate partners. Here’s what’s in it for everyone who will be promotingΒ the upcoming Spin Rewriter 6.0 launch:

  • We’ve already paid out over $1,000,000 to our affiliates so far! That’s right, over one MILLION dollars.
  • During launches, we’ve delivered EPCs ofΒ $8.37, $5.16, $4.41. EPC stands for Earnings-per-Click and tells you how much money you can expect to make for every single click you send through your affiliate link.
  • We’re paying our affiliates 50% recurring commissions, forever!
  • Yes, that’s recurring… We pay 50% on all subscriptions rebills, forever.
  • Your friends and your email list will love you for telling them about Spin Rewriter.
  • We’ve got emails and banners and other promo materials good & ready to go!
  • We’ll have an amazing list of prizes for top affiliates (JV leaderboard)…
  • …and we always reciprocate (promote your products in return) if you’ve got top quality stuff!

Remember, just by being a user of Spin Rewriter you’re also already our affiliate partner! Just log into your account and click the “Affiliate Program” link at the top. You’ll find your affiliate link there and you can start making money with it right away — this means TODAY, you don’t even have to wait till the 6.0 launch!

I wish you the best of success! πŸ˜€


Our goals in 2013 …

This January has already given us 7 full days to get back on track, and — boy oh boy — we did. We’re already running “full steam”, and I think it shows!

We have exceeded our wilders expectations in 2012, heck, we exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations. It’s been a crazy ride but — bottom line — we were able to do a lot of good, help a lot of people, and I couldn’t be happier than I am.

Our business has grown just a bit over 460% in 2012 alone. Our team has roughly doubled in size.

It’s probably wishful thinking to expect something like this for the 2013 as well. We now have the number 1 most popular article spinning software in this market — which means it’s impossible to keep up with the 460% annual growth. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make something incredible out of Spin Rewriter in terms of quality. Rest assured, we’re working crazy hard on making it even better. That’s what drives us every day!

And there’s more … In 2013, we’re taking our efforts to help you to the next level. We’ll be rolling out another software product that will simply eliminate all the tedious work you have to do — it will even come up with amazing ideas to improve your business, all on its own. With a bit of luck and a TON of hard work, I’m sure we’ll be able to make things much easier for you in 2013 — and much MUCH more profitable.

Stay tuned — I’m sure 2013 is going to be amazing. Not (just) for us — but for all our users!

Aaron πŸ˜€


We’re back!

Back from almost a month of travelling around the States … jet-lagged, tired, super tired even, and incredibly excited about what the future holds! πŸ˜‰

Once we get some rest (and that should certainly happen before Monday rolls in!) we’ll return into our usual super-productive mode, and we’ve already got updates cooking for both Spin Rewriter and Spin Distribute which are – at this moment – certainly our flagship online services. At least some of these updates will be released as soon as this Monday!

Stay tuned! πŸ˜€


This time *we* are learning new stuff

It’s not always just Spin Rewriter that does the learning around here … At the moment practically the whole team is on a business trip to California where we’re discovering new things both on the “natural language machine processing” front as well as the “general internet marketing” front. Only this way we can keep on bringing game-changing new products to the market, and make sure our users are more than satisfied.

Even though we’re out of the office, we’re still doing our very best to ensure that our user support stays more than satisfactory. We’ll do everything we can to always respond to all support tickets as quickly as possible – you probably won’t even notice that we’re out of the office.

So, everybody – have a great time, we’re doing quite okay as well. πŸ˜€


We’re almost there (4 hours left!)

OKAY, we’re almost there … our big Spin Rewriter Launch is scheduled for

today at noon EST (New York time).

This also means you’ll be able to grab your subscription at 9 AM PST (Los Angeles time), 5 PM GMT (London), and a bit after midnight in Japan and Australia. πŸ˜‰

We’ve got a special … and I mean SPECIAL discount prepared for you guys!

Super excited, talk to you later,

Aaron πŸ˜€


Is someone “borrowing” your content?

Nobody likes it when their very own content ends up on some website that simply “borrowed” it. Luckily there’s a way for you to find everyone who borrows your content. It’s called CopyScape and it’s extremely intuitive, so you’ll most certainly be able to figure out how to use it.


Find great expired domain names

DropScout will help you find valuable expired domain names that haven’t been renewed by their current (last) owner. It’s a great way to find domain names that have been present on the market for a couple of years, that have a good reputation, that are short and relevant to your primary keyowrds etc. Give it a shot, I think you’ll like it.


Spin Rewriter soon to be released!

OK, this is something that I’ve been super excited about for almost 10 months now, and I finally get to share it with you guys! πŸ˜€

It all started back in 2009 when I first got the idea for an amazing new approach to article rewriting. With a little help from my friends (3 Masters of Computer Science) we’ve decided to create an AMAZING product.

We’re calling it Spin Rewriter. We thought it was so clever to include the whole {spinner|rewriter} philosophy in the product’s name, so we never stopped calling it that since the first time I came up with it, and it stuck. It’ll just have to do. πŸ˜€

So, what’s all the fuss about? Oh, nothing … it’s just that we’ve taken a revolutionary approach that’s never been used before. Our software doesn’t see words simply as groups of letters, it actually understands the meaning of each word. So it can tell when the word “pen” represents a writing instrument, and when it represents an enclosure for animals! Imagine the possibilites …

We know this sounds like a bunch of hype, but – we’ll soon enough show you exactly what we’ve been cooking for so long! πŸ˜€

Till then, cheers!


Free Stock Images

If you’re looking for high quality images that are free to use (under the RF-LL license), I might be able to help you out. I’ve been using both Dreamstime and Free Digital Photos for a while now, and I’ve always been happy with the results. I’ll also write a blog post about free sound effects (if you’re recording a promotional video or something like that) in the near future.


Accounting for Computer Scientists

I’ve been reading (the very rare) posts by a “software craftsman” (as he calls himself) named Martin Kleppmann for a while now, and yesterday he wrote an ingenius post about accounting. If you’re in the same position I was in a couple years ago – I was a freshly baked computer scientist who just started a company and all the accounting jargon left me thoroughly confused – you might find this really invaluable.

So, head over to his blog and read his guide to accounting for computer scientists. It’s brilliant. πŸ™‚

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