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Another inspection of the learning process

We just finished another revision of Spin Rewriter’s learning process and we’re quite happy with the results.

Spin Rewriter seems to be learning useful new things from its huge user-base at an ever-increasing pace. More high quality synonyms are offered to our users for a larger number of original words than ever.

We have, of course, introduced some manual fixes to the growing database of synonyms as well – and this has made Spin Rewriter better than ever.

Give it a try! 😉


Let’s give all synonyms a fighting chance!

Over the last couple of months of closely inspecting everything that’s going on with Spin Rewriter, we’ve noticed a phenomenon that should most certainly be taken care of. It’s probably best if I simply give an example of the issue here, and you’ll see why it’s an important one.

Say you have a certain word (meaning) that comes with 30 synonyms. Usually at least some of these synonyms are not good enough, or not general enough, to be seriously considered, but you’re still left with 15 good synonyms and 2 great ones. Well, Spin Rewriter users tend to quickly select only the top 2-4 synonym on average, and even though there’s 10 more good synonyms available, those synonyms are usually never selected! Spin Rewriter sees that these synonyms are never selected and thinks “well, they must be no good then” and simply stops suggesting them, and certainly doesn’t include them when it’s doing a One-Click Rewrite of your articles.

That’s a bit, well, unfair to those synonyms. That’s why we designed a system that will sporadically bump up some of those forgotten synonyms so they’ll appear immediately below the top ones when you’re picking your synonyms. This way you might notice them and select them, and Spin Rewriter will know that those synonyms are, in fact, good as well.

There’s quite a bit of magic involved in all of this, but we’re certain we’re going to see some absolutely great results with this new approach. This update will be rolled out on Friday, with our Major Update! 😉

Stay tuned! 😀


Improved differentiation between similar meanings

We’ve redesigned an important part of Spin Rewriter‘s database and – as a result of this – Spin Rewriter is now even better when it comes to figuring out the exact meaning a certain word can have in given context.

We aren’t going to bore you with the details, however the changes we just implemented are going to have a profound effect on the One-Click Rewrite process and the results it produces. Just like the previous update, this one will also be included with Spin Rewriter’s first “Major Update” that’s going to happen in exactly one week, on next Friday. We can’t wait. 😀


Learnings algorithms thoroughly inspected – again

As most of you know, we are super obsessed with the quality of articles that are produced by Spin Rewriter. This means we need to closely monitor the learning process that helps Spin Rewriter get even better 100% of the time, and we need to make sure Spin Rewriter is only learning “the good stuff” and isn’t picking up any bad habits whatsoever.

To ensure this, we’re performing regular super-thorough checks of the learning algorithms and the effects that have recently been introduced by these algorithms. We’re doing another one of these checks today – it’s supposed to last at least 8 man-hours, and we are certain that it will ensure an even brighter future for Spin Rewriter! (… and it seems crazy bright as it is, but I don’t want to jinx it) 😀

Stay tuned! 😀


New learning algorithms – hard at work!

You probably noticed that a lot of these blog updates deal with learning algorithms that are making sure Spin Rewriter constantly learns new things and only gets better and better.

Well, the changes we introduced a week ago (on October 17th) after a super-careful inspection of the results of our learning algorithms up to that point are already paying off. We just spent another huge pile of time examining Spin Rewriter’s “Learning Activity” logs, and the results are now more than promising. At this rate of learning, Spin Rewriter might just blow your mind with its capabilities within just a couple of months. 😀

We can’t wait to see what the future holds! 😉


Learning process further refined

We spent over 40 hours carefully examining Spin Rewriter’s “Learning Activity” logs that tell us how you guys are actually using Spin Rewriter to rewrite your articles, how often you use the One-Click Rewrite option, how often you use the “Top” and “All” buttons, what plays a major factor when you’re actually selecting the best synonyms, etc. etc.

All of this has enabled us to further tweak the learning algorithms so they will keep on improving Spin Rewriter in the future as well – and they will do so at an even faster rate!

We couldn’t be more excited about that – Spin Rewriter just might enter the year 2012 as the only genuinely-intelligent spinning software on the market, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! 😀


Back-end updates

Another set of Spin Rewriter updates, this time very little has been changed in terms of the actual user interface, however these changes might be even more important:

  • Your articles are now finalized (when you’re moving to the final step of the process) 55-65% faster!
  • The database is encrypted and has been further optimized, which means it’s even more responsive now.
  • The learning algorithms can now tell even more reliably how much effort and focus each user put into their work … and only spun articles that were very well-spun by our users are used to teach Spin Rewriter new things.
  • We prepared the theoretical background for preserving HTML links when you spin your articles. You can expect this to be implemented in just a couple of days.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 😀


Learning process further improved, and some other goodies

Some of our users have recently contacted us and told us they felt like the synonyms weren’t always sorted from the most suitable ones to the least suitable ones, and that when using One Click Rewrite, some words were replaced with too many synonyms (20+) and some words weren’t replaced with any synonyms (even though good ones existed).

We’re in fact still in the middle of our super-thorough weekly check of the learning process and while they are some other tweaks to be done, we have already improved 2 important aspects of the learning process. It now puts much more weight on fact whether or not our users actually took their time to check out various synonyms and select / deselect the ones they found good or not good enough.

We’ve also introduced 2 user interface updates:

  • In the first step you can now disable the paragraph & sentence level spinning. When you selected a piece of text, the paragraph & sentence level spinning interface box always used to pop up, so you couldn’t really select a piece of text and copy it some place else. Now you can temporarily disable the spinning interface box, which means you can select pieces of your text without interruptions.
  • You can now add (type in) completely new synonyms in the Fast Mode and still keep on using the keyboard navigation to quickly jump to the next / previous word.

One giant leap for Spin Rewriter!

Today’s updates are – by a wide margin! – the most important updates we’ve released since Spin Rewriter has been launched on September 14th!

What’s been improved:

  • We have spent the better part of the day closely inspecting the learning process of Spin Rewriter and fine-tuning various elements of it. Spin Rewriter now understands that “all spun articles are not created equal”. What does that really mean? Well, if one of our users spends much more time working on each of their articles than the majority of our other users, if they are much more meticulous when it comes to selecting the correct synonyms, if they do it “by hand” instead of using the “one click rewrite”, if … (there’s another 12 factors!) … Spin Rewriter now values their feedback even more. On the other hand Spin Rewriter can ignore feedback from poorly-spun articles. This will help Spin Rewriter get really amazing – really fast!
  • We have added proper support for auxiliary verbs “has” and “have”. Spin Rewriter now understands when these words are used as an auxiliary verb, and when they mean “be in possession of”. This update alone makes Spin Rewriter’s One Click Rewrite about 15% better!
  • We have added proper support for the verb “be” (in all grammatical tenses and persons!) when it’s used to link the subject of a sentence with a predicate (a subject complement). In other words, when it’s used as a “copula”. This means that Spin Rewriter will now rewrite this verb in a much more suitable manner.
  • All exports now contain text files that have meaningful names. The general rule of thumb is that the text files are named using the first 6 words of your original article. This will make it much easier for you to keep track of your exported spun articles.
  • We have added a number of additional explanations throughout the website and registration / welcome / sign-up emails, so you should be able to figure everything out almost instantly now.

If you’ve managed to read through all of this, I’m sure you’ll agree that these are the most important updates we’ve ever released publicly. They don’t have much to do with the actual user interface, but we believe Spin Rewriter has been improved 15-25% today alone. And with the new and improved learning system it will only keep on getting better at a tremendous rate.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure you guys love our product, and we won’t stop till we’re the undisputed number 1 in the market!

Thanks! 😀


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