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You can now easily change your API key

We know that sometimes you might wish to change your Spin Rewriter API key.

Maybe you were recording a demo video with your API key clearly visible (like the video that I’ve included below!) and you want to prevent other people from abusing your API key now that they’ve seen it. No matter what your reasons are, from now on you can always easily request a brand new API key in seconds.

To do that, simply log into your Spin Rewriter account, click the “API” link at the top to be taken to the page with your current API key, and then click the “Change your unique API key” link right below your current API key.

Doing this will invalidate your old API key instantly and generate a brand new API key for you in seconds.

Or, you can watch this video that shows you how easy it is:


Spin Rewriter API keys system updated

We just rolled out another “silent” update to the Spin Rewriter API infrastructure.

What I mean by “silent” is that you’ll hopefully never notice that we even rolled it out. Unless you need one of its new benefits, that is. The new “API keys” system makes it possible to revoke or change API keys for existing users which will prove to be very helpful in the long run.

For example, if you were recording a promotional video about Spin Rewriter for your users and you unintentionally revealed your API key in the video, there’s nothing to worry about anymore. You can just contact our support desk and they’ll revoke your old API key (because it’s now publicly known) and re-issue you a new one.

Onwards and upwards with awesome behind-the-scenes updates! 😉


Spin Rewriter 5.0 API library now available

Good news for all developers out there: We just updated the Spin Rewriter API code samples, SDK libraries, and documentation!

Even better news for all developers: The brand-new Spin Rewriter 5.0 API is 100% compatible with older versions of our API, which means all your existing code will keep on working flawlessly without any changes required on your part. 😀

What’s new in the 5.0 version of our API?

For starters, we’ve added the new Spin Rewriter 5.0 functionality such as the ability to intelligently randomize the order of paragraphs and unordered lists when generating new articles in order to maximize their uniqueness. All of this is described in the updated API documentation.

We’ve also released brand new code samples that will get you up & running within minutes…

…and maybe most importantly, we’ve released a new version of the Spin Rewriter API SDK for PHP:

You can simply include this PHP library and starting using the Spin Rewriter API with literally 2 lines of code!

I hope you like these changes & we’ll keep on working hard to make sure it’s super easy to integrate the awesome ENL semantic spinning power of Spin Rewriter directly into your own software!


Even more API goodness! (Python)

Today I’ve got even more good news for all developers out there who are interested in integrating Spin Rewriter into their own software products!

As you probably know (that is, if you’re a developer), we’ve already gone a number of extra miles to make sure Spin Rewriter is super easy to integrate with other apps through our API.

Our API SDK library, written in PHP, is a work of coding art… and let’s not forget the famous integration of Spin Rewriter’s functionality with 3rd party applications in as little as 3 lines of code (literally!)… The response from the developers has been 100% positive since we rolled out the first version of our API, and we’re looking to keep it this way! 😉

Still, so far all our code samples and the API SDK library were only available in PHP… but today, this changes as well!

From now on, you will also find a 100% working Python API SDK library on the API page:

The library itself is hosted on — feel free to check it out right away! 🙂


Updated API code samples

We’ve just made things even easier for all developers out there who wish to integrate Spin Rewriter’s incredible power of ENL Semantic Spinning into their applications.

We’ve updated our (almost famous) working code samples, along with the brand-new Spin Rewriter API SDK (PHP Library & Examples), version 4.1.0.

With all this code ready to go, you can now integrate Spin Rewriter’s article spinning technology into your own software products with — literally! — 3 lines of code!

Of course our API developer documentation still tells you everything about all the features that are available through the API (which is all of them), and how to use them:

Enjoy! 😉


Spin Rewriter API just got even better

If you’re a developer and you want to plug Spin Rewriter’s powerful ENL spinning technology directly into your software product, this is now easier than ever!

I would like to invite you to check out Spin Rewriter’s API documentation:

We’ve got new 100% working code samples ready for you, plus a PHP SDK that allows you to implement Spin Rewriter’s article spinning technology into your own software products with as little as 3 lines of code!

You’ll also find all features of our API on the same page, along with thorough documentation on how to use them. Enjoy! 😉


An awesome new feature for our API

Spin Rewriter API just got even better!

We’ve added the “use_only_synonyms” option. What does it do?

If you enable this option, Spin Rewriter will only use synonyms when generating your unique, spun content (where available). Let’s take a look at the following example:

John will read a book. → John will read a {book|novel}.

If you use the new option and generate a unique variation, Spin Rewriter will return the following: John will read a novel.

It will make sure not to use any of the original words if there are synonyms available. This makes the generated spun content even more unique. 😉

We’ve already updated the Spin Rewriter API documentation and PHP code samples so you can implement this right away. 😀



Auto Protected Keywords get API support

I’m sure you remember the feature we described on Monday – Spin Rewriter‘s new ability to automatically protect all capitalized keywords that appear in your articles.

Well, we’ve now rolled out this new feature to our API server as well. With this in mind, we have updated the API documentation, all of our code samples and the entire Spin Rewriter API SDK (written in PHP).

If this is all a bunch of acronyms to you, then feel free to ignore this post — however, if you’re a developer who’s using the Spin Rewriter technology through our API, you’re probably quite happy about it. 😀


Spin Rewriter API now supports HTML as well

We have just “transplanted” the new algorithms over to the official Spin Rewriter API, and we’re excited to announce that Spin Rewriter’s API now comes with full HTML support as well.

This is extremely useful if you’re spinning contents of websites, i.e. blog posts of your Word Press powered blog.

With this in mind, we’re already almost done with the integration of Spin Rewriter into the well-known much-loved WP Robot. Stay tuned! 😀


API now handles URLs and HTML links perfectly!

Our official Spin Rewriter API has just been updated.

It now supports all kinds of URLs (secure or non-secure, subpages, links to files, etc.) and correctly preserves the original formatting.

It also supports all kinds of HTML links now. In case you were wondering, HTML links are these thingies: <a href=”LINK HERE”>ANCHOR TEXT HERE</a>

With these changes it’s gotten even easier to automatically spin content through our API, for instance directly from your WordPress blog, or from your 3rd-party software app.

Check it out! 😉

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