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(Even) better parsing of HTML tags

It’s no secret that Spin Rewriter is an absolute champ when it comes to parsing HTML code that your texts have been wrapped into.

In other words, Spin Rewriter doesn’t play nice just with simple texts that consist of headings and paragraphs and little else.

It also plays nice with texts that include HTML tags, links, images, unordered and ordered lists, italics, bolded sections, etc. All of this extra HTML code that’s usually thrown into the middle of sentences trips up most text-processing software products out there, but it’s been one of our primary focuses since the beginning — and it shows.

With today’s update, we’ve taken care of two very minor, very sporadic issues that have popped up from time to time when parsing particularly tricky bits of HTML code inside your texts. So, at this points, we’re quite confident that when it comes to HTML, Spin Rewriter is — as usual — the undisputed market leader.

Here’s to you making the most of the power Spin Rewriter brings you! 😀


Even more API goodness! (Python)

Today I’ve got even more good news for all developers out there who are interested in integrating Spin Rewriter into their own software products!

As you probably know (that is, if you’re a developer), we’ve already gone a number of extra miles to make sure Spin Rewriter is super easy to integrate with other apps through our API.

Our API SDK library, written in PHP, is a work of coding art… and let’s not forget the famous integration of Spin Rewriter’s functionality with 3rd party applications in as little as 3 lines of code (literally!)… The response from the developers has been 100% positive since we rolled out the first version of our API, and we’re looking to keep it this way! 😉

Still, so far all our code samples and the API SDK library were only available in PHP… but today, this changes as well!

From now on, you will also find a 100% working Python API SDK library on the API page:

The library itself is hosted on — feel free to check it out right away! 🙂


Updated API code samples

We’ve just made things even easier for all developers out there who wish to integrate Spin Rewriter’s incredible power of ENL Semantic Spinning into their applications.

We’ve updated our (almost famous) working code samples, along with the brand-new Spin Rewriter API SDK (PHP Library & Examples), version 4.1.0.

With all this code ready to go, you can now integrate Spin Rewriter’s article spinning technology into your own software products with — literally! — 3 lines of code!

Of course our API developer documentation still tells you everything about all the features that are available through the API (which is all of them), and how to use them:

Enjoy! 😉


“Replace All” functionality improved

We have just updated the “Replace All” functionality that’s been available since Spin Rewriter 2.0.

You can now pull up a list of synonyms of any given word or phrase by double-clicking (or selecting) it, and easily select the synonyms you want to use with all occurrences of that word or phrase. It will then either add or remove active synonyms of all words that convey the exact same meaning in your text.

This is one of about 35-40 updates that will be released with Spin Rewriter 3.0 on December 6th, so — stay tuned! 😉


Spin Rewriter now recognizes even the weirdest encodings

You might have noticed I picked the “Programming” category for this blog post. The reason for this is quite simple – this post won’t be very interesting to 95% of you who aren’t programmers. 😉

You see, out of thousands of active users, we have received about 2-3 customer tickets each month saying that Spin Rewriter somehow garbled up the original text. We’ve been looking into this for a while now, and we found out that:

  • 99.5% of all submitted texts are processed normally
  • texts that begin with the bytecode EF BB BF are encoded in the standard UTF-8 format (works well with Spin Rewriter)
  • texts that begin with the bytecode FE FF are encoded in the UTF-16/UCS-2, little endian format (some issues)
  • texts that begin with the bytecode FF FE are encoded in the UTF-16/UCS-2, little endian format (some issues)
  • texts that begin with the bytecode FF FE 00 00 are encoded in the UTF-16/UCS-2, little endian format (sporadic issues)
  • texts that begin with the bytecode 00 00 FE FF are encoded in the UTF-16/UCS-2, little endian format (sporadic issues)

For instance, if our user entered “It іs nevеr a сonvenіent timе tо hаvе уour vеhicle quіt оn уоu.” in the UTF-16/UCS-2, little endian format, Step 2 of the spinning process appeared fine, however Step 3 showed this: “It Ñ�s nevеr a Ñ�onvenÑ�ent timе tо hаvе Ñ�our vеhicle quÑ�t оn Ñ�оu.”

We have now resolved all these issues and Spin Rewriter will process all articles that you can throw at it. 😉


Reason for last week’s issues: HACKER ATTACK! :(

Those of you who are using your Spin Rewriter subscription and our other services to the fullest, have undoubtedly noticed that we were experiencing some issues last week.

Our servers usually became much less responsive at 30 minutes within every hour (8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, etc.) and these periods of low responsiveness lasted for 3 to 9 minutes most of the time. There were also some sporadic time periods of connection issues, these usually happened towards the end of the hour (5:46 PM, 9:48 PM, etc.). We launched a thorough investigation as soon as our monitoring systems started reporting these issues, and we’ve been working practically non-stop for 50+ hours in order to resolve these issues.

I’m sad to say that the primary reason for these issues was an outside attack. We’re still tracking the attacker and will have more information shortly. This attack only caused additional load on our servers, so there’s nothing to worry about – we’re just sorry that you had to deal with these issues at all.

Here’s to doing honest business, and never having to deal with things like this again! 🙂


API now handles URLs and HTML links perfectly!

Our official Spin Rewriter API has just been updated.

It now supports all kinds of URLs (secure or non-secure, subpages, links to files, etc.) and correctly preserves the original formatting.

It also supports all kinds of HTML links now. In case you were wondering, HTML links are these thingies: <a href=”LINK HERE”>ANCHOR TEXT HERE</a>

With these changes it’s gotten even easier to automatically spin content through our API, for instance directly from your WordPress blog, or from your 3rd-party software app.

Check it out! 😉


Spin Rewriter API updated

We just added another action to the official Spin Rewriter API. It’s called “unique_variation_from_spintax” and it’s a rather useful one.

Say you have a piece of text that already comes with the {first option|second option} spinning syntax. You can pass it to our API with the “unique_variation_from_spintax” action and our server won’t do any additional processing at all – it will simply parse the existing spintax and return one of the possible variations. This is extremely helpful when you simply want to create a number of unique variations of text that’s already been spun.

All API documentation has already been updated with this new information, as well as all code samples for developers and the actual Spin Rewriter API SDK.

You can find out what’s new right here:


Spin Rewriter API documentation

Okay, we just launched the Spin Rewriter API, and we thought – we should get developers on board as effortlessly as possible!

So we prepared a ton of stuff for all of you developers out there, and our efforts should enable you to integrate the Spin Rewriter API into your own apps in 10 minutes or so. Among other things you’ll find:

  • A thorough documentation of all API (HTTP POST) requests and API (JSON) responses. This will give you an idea about the inner workings of our API.
  • 100% functioning code samples (in PHP):
    – a script that will get the remaining number (quota) of API calls
    – a script that will spin your article and return the spun text (with spintax in place)
    – a script that will spin your article and return one of the possible unique variations
  • We prepared an actual official Spin Rewriter API SDK (Standard Development Kit) that’s also available in PHP. This kit comes with a number of examples, and allows you to spin your articles using the Spin Rewriter API with as little as 3 lines of code. 😉
  • A short “Q&A” section that should provide the answers to the most common questions.

You can find everything over at 😀

We love developers just as much as Steve Ballmer (the Microsoft guy), and we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. Oh, and here’s a funny clip of him going just a little bit crazy. 😀


Spin Rewriter API available!

We just launched the much anticipated official Spin Rewriter API!

Why should you care? 🙂

As a user, Spin Rewriter API allows you to use the Spin Rewriter spinning technology from within other compatible software products.

This means that you can – for example – spin your articles using our amazing technology directly inside your favorite article distribution software. You never have to load the Spin Rewriter website and interrupt your workflow by spinning your article there, and then pasting the finished (spun) version of your article to your article distribution software. You can use Spin Rewriter directly from compatible desktop software products, online services, WordPress plugins, etc.

As a developer, you can use the amazing Spin Rewriter technology inside your own application or service. Whenever you need to rewrite a block of text, simply send it to our servers and Spin Rewriter will do all the hard work for you. We developed our algorithms – you make the most of them!

Find out more over at 😀

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