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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017!

Wow, how 2016 flew by… and no wonder it did, because we’ve kept ourselves insanely busy working hard to deliver the best possible products and services to our awesome customers. 😉

2016 has been absolutely incredible for us in all important ways, and I sincerely hope it’s been an incredible year for you as well.

I hope you’re looking forward to 2017 with a healthy dose of optimism, energy, willingness to put in the work and to make the best of all opportunities that come along, topped off with a can-do attitude.

As for us here at INFINET, our resolution is to keep working incredibly hard to keep all of our customers more than happy in 2017 — and far beyond 2017!

I hope all your dreams come true in the new year,
here’s to a great one for you,

Aaron — and the entire SmileyTech Solutions / INFINET team 😀


Happy 5th Birthday, Spin Rewriter!

Spin Rewriter is celebrating its 5th birthday today (September 14th, 2016)!

Spin Rewriter's 5th Birthday

Spin Rewriter’s 5th Birthday

I simply can’t believe how quickly this time has passed… I remember launching the first version of Spin Rewriter (on September 14th, 2011) like it was yesterday. It was probably the most stressful time in my life, and also utterly wonderful and magical at the same time.

Within the first couple of days, I was absolutely blown away by the feedback from some of our first users… and calling it “blown away” is probably an understatement in this case. People were going nuts about it.

Spin Rewriter was the first intelligent article spinner in the market back in 2011. It was the first software tool that could tell the difference between “book” as in “novel”, and “book” as in “make a reservation”.

I know, I know… We take these things granted nowadays, with our ENL Semantic Spinning technology having advanced to a point that’s way beyond the basic meaning-extraction. But back then — that was TRULY mindblowing stuff!

And for every year of its life, Spin Rewriter has only gotten better and more popular… and even better loved by tens of thousands of our amazing users.

So let me take this opportunity to say…

To Spin Rewriter: Happy 5th Birthday!

And to our users… You guys are THE BEST!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!

Once again we’re about to turn the page onto a new year… and once again I couldn’t be happier about the year that is slowly waving us goodbye. 2015 was another incredible year for us, and I sincerely hope it’s been an incredible year for you as well.

Right now seems like a great time to take a quick look at what lies ahead: 2016. I really hope 2016 is the year that you’ll be looking back to ten or twenty years from now… and that you’ll be saying “man, 2016 was an absolutely amazing year for me in every way — I couldn’t have wished for a better one.

As for us here at INFINET, I can promise you that we’ll keep on working incredibly hard to keep all of our customers more than happy in 2016 and beyond.

I hope all your hopes & dreams come true —
here’s to an incredible year for you,

Aaron — and the entire SmileyTech Solutions / INFINET team 😀


Merry Christmas & Happy 2015!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I’m so incredibly glad about how 2014 turned out… and I sincerely hope it has been an incredible year for you as well.

I also want to wish you Merry Christmas — and an even more amazing 2015!

Aaron — and the entire SmileyTech Solutions / INFINET team 😀


2014/2015 Retina MacBook Pro – the perfect storm?!

Let me preface this ramble by saying that I’ve recently switched from my trusty old Dell laptop to a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina Display… and I’ve been almost in love ever since. 😉

Backstory… or: “How this one guy became an absolute Apple fan(atic)”:

(feel free to skip)

When it comes to desktop computing, I grew up on Windows — as many of us did…

When smartphones first came out, I naturally picked up an HTC HD2 that ran on Windows Mobile 6.5. While the phone was amazing for its time, I have to admit the OS sucked pretty bad. Soon enough, though, I was able to flash an Android ROM which essentially made my HTC HD2 an Android phone — and from that point on, I just kept on upgrading to new Android phones because they felt familiar.

I never really questioned any of those two decisions. Windows + Android. It was just the way things were.

Then, back in 2012, I had to wait for someone in the middle of a shopping mall. I was bored. I wandered into an Apple Store and started toying around with the first retina iPad. I loved how silky smooth everything felt. It was a spur of the moment thing, but I though “I gotta see why everyone is making such a fuss about Crapple” so I bought it. My first iPad.

Over the next couple of weeks, I fell in love with it. Everyhing just… well… worked.

Being a clumsy bastard, I soon enough broke the screen of my trusty Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone that I owned till 2013… which gave me the opportunity to promptly replace it with a brand-new iPhone 5S. Loved it since day 1. And as soon as I could, I replaced my first iPad with a brand new iPad Air, too.

Now, the final step took some extra time. I knew I wanted a retina MacBook Pro. But I kept on finding new excuses not to get one. My Windows laptop was just so familiar, and I was being so productive with it. And running a software company, it seemed pretty important that I feel comfortable and productive with the only tool I’m using to run my business, i.e. my laptop.

Still, I kept on inching closer and closer to making the jump. Then, watching Apple’s live stream of their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), I’ve seen them demo the new Continuity features. Making phone calls directly from your MacBook through your iPhone. Sending texts from your MacBook’s comfortable keyboard through your iPhone. Setting up a WiFi hotspot with a single click. That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

I ran out the next morning and got myself a top-of-the-line retina MacBook Pro 15″. I’ve had it for 10 days now. Every single day it has blown my mind. I never imagined how amazing it would be. The retina screen is to die for. It’s got crazy battery life. It’s thin and light. It’s always silent. The trackpad, oh my god, the trackpad! And custom gestures with BetterTouchTool that allow me to control absolutely everything! I could merge PDFs with Preview right out of the box. I could “print to PDF” right out of the box. There’s the Terminal, with SSH connectivity built right in. My music, photos, and books all sync wirelessly between my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Plus, I can easily stream audio through AirPlay to my 5.1 home theater system while I’m chilling on the couch in the living room. It’s heavenly.

I’m hooked now. I’m curious to see what’s next. That’s why I’ve rolled up my sleeves and decided to find out.

2014/2015 Retina MacBook Pro – the perfect storm?!

The more I dive into my research, the more it seems that the next rMBP (retina MacBook Pro) is going to be absolutely amazing. Hear me out.

Intel is on the verge of releasing their next generation of CPU chips, i.e. their Broadwell chips. These chips are supposed to require 30% less battery juice to keep ’em going.

Nvidia is also almost ready with their Maxwell GPU chips. Now, admittedly this is only interesting if you’re thinking about getting a top-of-the-line rMBP with discrete graphics — but again, we’re looking at at least a 30% decrease in power consumption. Probably 40%. Crazy stuff.

But we’re not stopping there. Apple is now using IGZO technology for the display in iPad Air. Remember how the iPad kept the same 10 hour battery life while getting way thinner and lighter? This was in large part thanks to the IGZO technology making the display significantly less power-hungry. I won’t go into details about what the IGZO technology actually is, but if you’re interested, check out this post. I thought it was a great read.

Now, I think it’s time to start using IGZO for the display in retina MacBook Pros as well. Again, we’re looking at a stunning 50% decrease in battery juice required.

Finally, as a rule-of-thumb, let’s assume that since the release of late-2013 rMBPs the technology moved forward in general. I think it’s safe to say that other rMBP components probably became 5% more efficient (SSDs, RAM, etc.) and that battery capacity per pound-of-battery-weight increased 5% over the course of the last year as well.

We’re now ready to do some guesstimating and mental exercising. Warning: a gross simplification ahead. Let’s assume the following power consumption breakdown for the current rMBPs: 35% CPU, 35% display, 10% dedicated GPU (because it’s rarely used), 20% other hardware such as SSD, RAM, etc.

Now, with the power consumption improvements described above, this transforms quite dramatically: (35% CPU x 70% power consumption because of Haswell) + (35% display x 50% power consumption because of IGZO) + (10% dedicated GPU x 70% power consumption because of Broadwell) + (20% other hardware x 95% power consumption because of general technology advances).

In other words, that’s 25% CPU + 18% display + 7% GPU + 19% other hardware. That’s only 69% of the power consumption of current rMBPs! But wait… it gets even better!

My current rMBP 15″ officially comes with 8 hours of battery life… although this seems like a conservative estimate in my experience — I seem to easily get 9 hours of battery life out of my rMBP on a regular basis.

Anyway, using just 69% of the battery juice, the current 8 hour battery life extends to a stunning 8 / 0.69 = 11.6 hour battery life. But we also assumed battery capacity per lb would increase 5% before the 2014/2015 rMBP comes out. This takes us even further, to 12.2 hours of battery life in the current rMBP form factor.

I don’t think Apple is going to keep the current form factor, though. My guess is, they will ship the next rMBPs with a 10 hour battery life, and cut the size and weight of the battery by 20%, allowing for a brand new & positively stunning form factor.

My guess is we’re going to see a 15″ rMBP that’s .62 inches (16 mm) thin and weighs under 4 lbs (1.8 kg). All this while delivering better performance all around. It’s truly going to be the best MacBook yet. 😉

My ramble thusly concludes. It’s Apple’s turn now.


All Spin Rewriter users get free access to TODOom

This time around I want to give all Spin Rewriter users something awesome simply for the fact that they’re a member of our big Spin Rewriter family… 🙂

It’s a software tool that I created for myself about a year ago… and every single time I’ve shown it to another person, EVERYONE wanted to get a copy for themselves!

What’s more, this tool has helped me grow my business well into 7 figures in 2013… and hopefully, it will do the same for you this year!

I reveal everything in this short VIDEO here:

TODOom - Free access for all Spin Rewriter users

TODOom – Free access for all Spin Rewriter users

Make sure to watch it because I genuinely believe this is one of those things that can absolutely transform your business.

Plus, there are NO strings attached — it’s a freee gift from me, to let you know just how much I appreciate you guys!

You truly are the best.

Again, click here to watch the video and to get instant access to an awesome software tool that will make you 10x more productive!

To your wild success,


P.S. It’s something that will make sure you take action every single day — and that you feel GREAT about yourself. Plus, you know, it’s absolutely free… as in FREE BEER! 😉


Merry Christmas & Happy 2014!

Once again it’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we’ve all finally let the pace of our lives slow down at least a little bit.

I hope you, too, can take a couple of hours or days off work, and listen to merry jingles such as this one by the good ol’ Dean Martin

Finally taking a step away from being so entangled in the day-to-day business tasks, it makes me extremely glad to say that this last year, 2013, has been absolutely incredible for all of us.

I hope it’s been incredible for you, too.

And above all, I wish you Merry Christmas and an even more amazing 2014!

Aaron — and the entire SmileyTech Solutions / INFINET team 🙂


This is the NEXT level of spinning!

Hey! … I’ve just received this amazing piece of feedback from one of our users, and I simply have to share it with you.

This is exactly what we’ve been working so hard all this time to achieve. And I’m really really happy right now. 😀


So far I am loving the program. I don’t just do the rewrite and done I do rewrite then one click rewrite to get all of the synonyms and make the article as unique as possible. Because I do this I usually have to read through and change a couple of things or remove extra words but usually only 5 max.After I did this for the first article and read the old one and the new one side by side I was amazed. The spun article made the previous article look like junk content. I liked the synonyms and wording better in the spun article and so far it seems like people who read the articles do to. I use it in conjunction with wikiwizard which I have only been using for a couple of weeks now but when I started using both that and your program I was amazed at how many more people viewed the article. I started with 2 or 3 hits the first week then posted again a couple of days ago and over 30 people accessed the article in a couple of hrs.

So your program is doing wonders so far as far as getting people to actually read the full article not just start and leave because the content is not interesting or entertaining enough for them to read. I think this program is great and anyone who is not using it should be, it really helps for wikis, blogs, news articles and any other thing you are thinking about posting anywhere on the web. Plus better content means more hits which means more people will click through and the relevant content will help my sites be seen as better sites in the eyes of google.

I know I could say so much more and I know you know all of this as well but as far as using this for my seo work I think this program will help me help my clients to get higher rankings on google and give them better content that will entice the reader and get the reader excited about what they are reading and want to know more. So thanks for the great product and thank’s for the wordpress plugin as well. This will help my clients who want a blog but don’t have the time to update it weekly. A great idea and great way to keep them from sitting stagnant and getting hit hard by google for never updating.

Sean, you are VERY welcome! 😀


The Underground seminar was amazing!

Yanik’s seminar was a huge success and I must say I had a ton of fun.

Most of the time I simply couldn’t believe just how many people there are either using or promoting Spin Rewriter, and how passionate they all are about it. It’s been an amazing experience and it’s given me (and the whole team, by extension) a metric ton of extra energy that we’re going to put into making Spin Rewriter even better. If that’s possible. 😉

It was a great pleasure meeting everyone — and those of you who weren’t there, can check out a short & sweet video right here. 😀


Checking in from the Underground seminar

Hey everybody!

I’m currently at Yanik’s “Underground 9” conference in Washington DC — if you happen to be nearby, feel absolutely free to buy me a drink. 😀

It would certainly be nice to catch with some of our users & affiliates in person. I’ll be the guy handing out these business cards, and (maybe) wearing one of these shirts.

Promo stuff for the Underground conference

I hope I get to meet a lot of you! 😉

– Aaron

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