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Find great expired domain names

DropScout will help you find valuable expired domain names that haven’t been renewed by their current (last) owner. It’s a great way to find domain names that have been present on the market for a couple of years, that have a good reputation, that are short and relevant to your primary keyowrds etc. Give it a shot, I think you’ll like it.


New spots for Beta Testers available!

Alright, I’ve been waiting for a bit to tell you this, but now we’re ready! 8)

We’ve just opened up quite a few new spots for Beta Testers of our new product, the amazing article rewriter called Spin Rewriter. «– see how I used some pretentious SEO-rich anchor text with this link? 😀

To join our group of (much beloved) Beta Testers, head over to, create an account (you might already have one if you’re using any of my other services) and submit the application. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance! 😉

P.S.: We already sent an email notification to those of you who signed up for the waiting list. You guys rock!


Spin Rewriter will soon look for new Beta Testers

Hey everybody,

As some of you already know Spin Rewriter is already being used by a small number of Beta Testers. This way we can get as much useful feedback as possible and make our software even better. Those of you who are reading this and are already helping us out with the testing – thank you so very much! We really appreciate it, and here’s a picture of cute cats just for you! 😉

Nevertheless, we’ve ironed out quite a few quirks, we set up our servers, and we’re ready to invite some more Beta Testers to join us. So, if you’re interested in something like that (i.e. testing out the best article rewriter ever, hehe), head over to and sign up on the waiting list. We’ll let you know about new spots for Beta Testers the second they open up! 😀



Traffic Estimator

Are you wondering how much traffic can you expect by building a website around a specific keyword or key phrase?

Google Traffic Estimator can help you with that. It might be one of the very few tools that gives you traffic estimates that you can trust. These estimates are believed to be based on system-wide AdWords performance information, and it will give you information about the average CPC, maximum CPC, estimated monthly search volume and the number of clicks per day that you can expect.

There’s a lot of tools with this functionality out there, but in my experience they’re often just providing “guesstimates” and that’s not good enough. Google Traffic Estimator on the other hand has been pretty reliable and I can only recommend it.


Spin Rewriter soon to be released!

OK, this is something that I’ve been super excited about for almost 10 months now, and I finally get to share it with you guys! 😀

It all started back in 2009 when I first got the idea for an amazing new approach to article rewriting. With a little help from my friends (3 Masters of Computer Science) we’ve decided to create an AMAZING product.

We’re calling it Spin Rewriter. We thought it was so clever to include the whole {spinner|rewriter} philosophy in the product’s name, so we never stopped calling it that since the first time I came up with it, and it stuck. It’ll just have to do. 😀

So, what’s all the fuss about? Oh, nothing … it’s just that we’ve taken a revolutionary approach that’s never been used before. Our software doesn’t see words simply as groups of letters, it actually understands the meaning of each word. So it can tell when the word “pen” represents a writing instrument, and when it represents an enclosure for animals! Imagine the possibilites …

We know this sounds like a bunch of hype, but – we’ll soon enough show you exactly what we’ve been cooking for so long! 😀

Till then, cheers!


Creating an array of all dates between 2 specified dates [PHP]

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I’ll just cut to the chase.

 * create an array of all dates between two specified dates
 * @param datetime $strDateFrom
 * @param datetime $strDateTo
 * @return array
function createDateRangeArray($strDateFrom, $strDateTo) {		
	$aryRange = array();
	$iDateFrom = mktime(1, 0, 0, substr($strDateFrom, 5, 2), substr($strDateFrom, 8, 2), substr($strDateFrom, 0, 4));
	$iDateTo = mktime(1, 0, 0, substr($strDateTo, 5, 2), substr($strDateTo, 8, 2), substr($strDateTo, 0, 4));
	if ($iDateTo >= $iDateFrom) {
		array_push($aryRange, date("Y-m-d", $iDateFrom));			
		while ($iDateFrom < $iDateTo) {
			$iDateFrom = $iDateFrom + 86400;
			array_push($aryRange, date("Y-m-d", $iDateFrom));
	return $aryRange;
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