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Finding relevant keywords

It’s always more than just smart to find keywords with the biggest potential when you’re building a new online business. In short, it means that you should find keywords that accurately describe your business (your service or product), and then you should filter these keywords by the number of strong competitors and number of people who are searching for these keywords each month. You’re always looking for keywords with the lowest number of competitors and the highest number of monthly searches – and you always have to make a compromise.

But sometimes it’s difficult enough to come up with a list of potential keywords and key phrases. Many are using the AdWords External Keyword Tool. It is a great tool, but it’s not the only one out there. It’s not even the only one that was created by developers at Google. You should also check out Google Sets – it’s part of Google Labs and it will come up with a number of relevant and related keywords for your niche. Try it out. 🙂


Okay, I give up – here’s my blog!

As many of you already know, I’ve been more than active in the online business for the last couple of years (has it really been 4 years already?!), but I was always simply posting comments to existing blogs of our projects / products / services, commenting on marketing and web-dev forums, and I never had my own blog.

Over the time, there were so many fellow internet marketers asking me to start a blog to write down my thoughts and code tutorials etc. that I eventually had to give it a thought. And here it is. Aaron’s blog about internet business in general, business principles, inspiration, search engine optimization, marketing, revenue generation and LOTS of code.

I hope you like it! 😉

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